Getting your mobile (Android smartphone/tablets) browser ready: Firefox or Adblock Browser

We highly recommend using either Mozilla Firefox Browser (preferably) or Adblock Browser.

Firefox Android Steps:

Step A. Block unnecessary adverts on your live stream: Installing Ad-Blocker (Android Smartphones, Tablets).

To enjoy live streaming of sporting events, IT IS REQUIRED that you install an adblocker. This is necessary because most online sources of sports streaming are usually filled with malicious ads and usually unnecessary. To avoid them, install an adblocker. For Mozilla Firefox (Android):

  1. If you don’t have Firefox for Android, download from Google Play Store
  2. Visit and download the android version of the Adblock-Plus add-on.


Step B. Install Adobe Flash Player for Mobile

  1. Without the flash player, your mobile browser WILL NOT be able to play the live matches. Download the android version of the Adobe Flash player here:
  2. After downloading, install the apk file and open the ‘Flash Player Settings’. Select Firefox and choose always to open it.Picture (1)Picture
  3. Switch off your phone and put it on.
  4. Try to open the Adobe Flash Settings again, you should have this kind of interface now (shown below), indicating the Flash Player plugin is now installed. (THIS INTERFACE IS PROOF THAT THE FLASH PLAYER IS INTEGRATED INTO MOZILLA FIREFOX BROWSER)


Step C: Enable Plugin

In your Firefox Browser, go to Settings>Advanced>Plugins, choose ‘Enabled’


Your Firefox android browser should now be ready to stream live matches.


For Adblock Browser (Android):

The procedure is similar for the Adblock browser. However Step A will not be required because adblocking is integrated into the browser by default. You will find ‘Enable Plugin’ under Settings>Display>Plugins.


Your Adblock browser should now be ready to stream live matches.

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